Around the garden, there are a few acres left of what used to be a coffee plantation. There are century old trees surrounding the garden like, like Guanacastes, Cedros, Nísperos, Mameyes, Tempisques and others.

You can walk around the garden or relax and enjoy the feeling of being in a fresh, lush environment and enjoy the views of birds, butterflies, white squirrels, iguanas, an occasionally possum and some others small animals of the remaining fauna.

The principal activity, however, would be to visit the surrounding towns of Jinotepe, Diriamba, Dolores and San Marcos. We are very close to beaches on the Pacific coast, like Casares, Huehete, La Boquita and others. Also there are a few refreshing rivers that have nice shade trees, like the well known ecological reserve of La Maquina with its water fall.

In the month of January we celebrate the Diriamba´s patron Saint feast: Saint Sebastian. The most important days are the 19th (Day of the Tope) and the 20th (Day of the big procession) On this days you get to see all the different traditional dances including the “Gueguense” o “Macho Raton” which was recently named “Oral Patrimony of Humanity” by UNESCO.